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A dedicated designer with a passion in branding, UI/UX, and typography. Previously worked at Wix Playground and has a diverse range of experiences in crafting visual stories and revealing brand essences with

a fresh perspectiveand consistent curiosity.

fresh perspective

consistent curiosity.

Wix Playground

The Torture Archive: Unbearable  [brand identity]

Nectar [publication]

Loorpro [brand identity]

Clouds [UI/UX]

Days of Our Lives  [motion]

Malusimaniac  [publication]

Zone Out Club   [brand identity]

Intro to Love  [publication, motion]

Artist Book: Rebecca Horn   [publication]

Voter Guide   [publication]

Graphic Designer

Specialized in branding, UI/UX & typography

Maryland Institute College of Art

2019 – 2023

open to work


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